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New York...

The workshop curriculum in New York includes all levels of training in acting, dance, and voice, with an emphasis on preparation for the overall performing arts industry. A highlight is an individual reading, improvisation, and/or personal interview, with written feedback provided to each student and her/his parents, from a representative of a major New York casting company. During this session, students are given personal direction and feedback, and individually evaluated in terms of their overall marketability.

New York students (and parents), will additionally receive a written evaluation from the professional coach assigned to prepare them for the Off Broadway showcase which takes place at a major theater in New York City on the last day of the workshop. (Parents invited.)


In London, the focus is on British theater, film, television, literature, history, and culture, with particular emphasis on gaining an understanding and appreciation of the roots of both British and American performance arts. In addition to their classes and training with noted British actors and directors, London students participate directly in an intensive workshop with a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-on-Avon.


Hollywood students train exclusively in acting for television, film, and commercials, with an emphasis on understanding the process and requirements of pursuing a professional on-camera career. Instructors include a major celebrity on-set film/television coach who works directly with each student, as well as a written critique and feedback from leading Los Angeles agents and/or casting directors. There is additionally at least one comprehensive workshop and question/answer session with a noted child or teen television/film actor.


Sampling of Instructors...

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Sutton Foster
Laura Osnes
Beginnings Workshop Alumnus
Tracy Jai Edwards
Beginnings Workshop Alumnus
Tessa Netting
Beginnings Workshop Alumnus

Arnold Mungioli
Courtney Young
Kevin Kolack, Ph.D.

David Pendleton

Ruth Williams Hennessy

Maggie Maes

Bart Shatto

Paul Valley

Sifu Calum Douglas-Reid
Lee Stringer

Marta Rainer

Kyle Coker

Joseph Melendez

Dr. Anthony Salzarulo

Kevin Jones

Paul Russell


Jennie Buckman

Adam Penford

Aleta Chappelle

Linda Burson


Administrative, Supervisory, & Health

The workshop is presided over and monitored on a 24-hour basis by Director Peter Sklar, an experienced Assistant Director, and an abundant resident staff of professionally-trained adult chaperones. The ratio of students to chaperones averages 7:1 in New York, and 4:1 in London and Hollywood.

Basic standard requirements for a New York chaperone position include a background check monitored by the appropriate state Department of Health, (normally New York or New Jersey), multiple verifiable child care and employment references, an examination of high school and, if applicable, college transcripts, a personal interview with Mr. Sklar, a comprehensive health examination documented by a physician, the review and execution of a sixty-page supervisory contract, and two full days of training and orientation.

Chaperones must additionally complete two (2) workshop experiences in New York, before becoming eligible for London or Hollywood.

Following the workshop, parents and students will receive a written evaluation from each childís chaperones addressing such considerations as maturity, self-discipline, nutritional and hygiene habits, and overall behavior.

In New York, there is at least one pediatric-experienced state-licensed Nurse on premises 24 hours. In London and Hollywood, a physician is available to students on-site 24 hours. Traditional health care is often complemented by safe, scientifically-valid alternative modes of treatment such as adjustments in diet, stress reduction, and other non-invasive procedures.

The New York Beginnings Workshop and all of its facilities are licensed and inspected twice annually by the appropriate state Department of Health. Although the workshop is fully insured, there has never occurred even a single accident, injury, or illness throughout its thirty-two year history, including New York, London, and Hollywood, warranting any amount of medical insurance reimbursement whatsoever.


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